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This page is about what I believe and my plan to conquer the world. For good of course. There are two things I believe everyone needs to agree with. 1) Jesus Christ is God and 2) the government should stick to protecting our rights and not regulating us.

That being said, the rest of this page is only informational because your relationship with God and your political views are very personal and you need to make up your own mind on both subjects. Both these decisions however are very important.

Your political views will influence your voting and that will affect who gets into office. The laws they pass will affect us for the rest of our lives and more importantly, the lives of our children. What kind of country would you want for your child? I want a country where they are free and not burdened by trillions of dollars of debt.

Your view of Jesus is much more important. This is something that will last not only the rest of your life, but for eternity! If you believe that when you die you just cease to exist, then you have nothing to worry about, or do you? What if I am right? What if Jesus as described in the Bible really is God? What if someday you are going to stand in front of the Creator of the universe, the Creator of you, and tell Him how you wouldn't believe despite having being told. Think about it. To find out why it is important to believe, see the Salvation page. - "It's not that life is so short, it's just that you are dead for so long."