Important Documents of the United States of America

Every United States citizen should read and know exactly what these documents say. These documents define both our government and our rights as citizens of the United States of America.

As you read this, think about things our government is doing now a days. Seizing citizens property for various reasons, out-lawing guns, afirmative action,... Where is all this in the contsitution?

How can we fight this criminal injustice? We the citizens of this country are in a uniquely good position. Since our country is a democratic republic, we the citizens can and should Vote!!!

Declaration of Independance
Constitution of the United States of America
Amendments to the Constitution The first 10 Amendments are called the "Bill of Rights"

This is a great article about A Christian view of Libertarianism
This is a simple presentation of the Libertarian position from On their website the document is in Microsoft Word format. I have converted it to pdf format here since Word is an expensive program that not everybody has.

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